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Violet Skies
Ceremony facilitator, Sacred Art Creator, Intuitive Reader & Energy Healer.

"I’m Violet Skies and it is my souls purpose to help women awaken to magic and tune into their inner wisdom. To heal and break free from past conditioning, to fully step into their feminine power through the use of different healing modalities, the power of crystals and a range of divination methods. I support women to open up and connect with their intuition so they can lead a divinely guided life."

amanda tracey
Circle & Ceremony Facilitator, Energy healer , Artist and Feminine Guide

"I'm Amanda and I am a certified Reiki practitioner/Energy healer, Circle Keeper and Ceremony Facilitator. 

As a student of the ancient feminine mysteries and earth based teachings, I am dedicated to being in service to others and supporting women on their own journey to LIBERATION.

Through circle work, offering 1-1 sessions, workshops and retreats, my vision is for all women to come back into balance with their bodies and remember their innate connection to nature, to embody their soul purpose and to welcome themselves back home."

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