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Awakening SHE

A calling to those ready to unlock the Magick and Embody the Wisdom that already exists within. 

  29th October 2023
We meet every Sunday on our live calls 7:00pm-9:30pm (UK time zone)
Limited spaces available

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Who is SHE?

SHE is the divine feminine within us all who is ready to rise, be heard and be seen

SHE is Shakti energy, the serpent of life, death and rebirth

SHE is the life force of nature, flowing through all of creation

The flame of passion rising from deep within

SHE is an ancient remembering

A forgotten story of womban

SHE is the Goddess in all her many forms - Mother, Maiden and Crone

SHE is the parts of you that will blow your mind - the Wild Womban, the Warrior and the Queen

SHE'S the bloodline of the womben who stood before

Who held the codes for you to remember why you came

SHE surrounds you in all that you see...

The winds of time carrying the wisdom of the witches and the song of circle

The heat of the fire blazing, the dance of shadow illuminated by your courage to see yourself fully

The flow of the oceans and rivers. The sacred waters of the womb from which you came

The rich Earth and stone beneath you paving the way for new life 

The Ether where your guides reside, waiting for your call

SHE is here to awaken, so you can remember who you are and who you came here to be

SHE is...

You, I, We.

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Over 6 weeks you will embark on a journey with the elements that make up our entire existence. Through ritual and feminine embodiment practices you will Unlock the Magick and  Embody the Wisdom that each element is here to teach us. You will also work with different goddesses to support you on your transformational journey.

By working with the 5 elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether you will become your own inner alchemist and begin transforming your outer reality.

This is a space for you to remember who you are, to fully show up in your radiance for yourself and your life. To come back home to your essence. To clear anything that's in the way so you can begin to magnetize more love, joy and Magick. 

6 whole weeks of Magick, Ritual, Embodiment and Feminine connection...

Week 1: Transparent-SHE

Live Call: Opening Circle 

  • Meeting your sisters 

  • Building our foundations 

  • Setting intentions for your journey

  • Who is SHE?

  • Honouring your path - How are you ready to grow?

  • Embodiment practices and Rituals for week 1

Week 2: She of AIR

Live Call: She of AIR - Meeting your Spirit Team​ 

  • Introduction to the element of Air

  • Sister Sharing Circle

  • Seeing life from a birds eye perspective 

  • Who are your spiritual support team?

  • Practice to connect to your guides

  • Embodiment practices and Rituals for week 2

Week 3: She of FIRE

Live Call: She of FIRE - Goddess Kali

  • Introduction to the element of Fire

  • Release Ceremony 

  • Release through dance and connect to your creative life force

  • Candle and Moon Water Ritual 

  • Embodiment of the Phoenix and invoking your desires through song

  • Embodiment practices and Rituals for week 3

Week 4: She of  WATER

Live Call: She of WATER - Goddess Aphrodite ​

  • Introduction to the element of Water

  • Sister Sharing Circle 

  • Becoming Water practice

  • Water blessing and gratitude song 

  • Embodiment practices and Rituals for week 4

Week 5: She of EARTH

Live Call: She of EARTH - Goddess Gaia

  • Introduction to the element of Earth

  • Nourishing Womb Cave Journey - Receiving guidance from SHE

  • Intuitive cave painting practice and New Moon Intentions

  • Embodiment Practices and Rituals for week 5

Week 6: She of ETHER

Live Call: She of ETHER - Goddess Hathor - Know Thyself

  • Becoming nothing to find everything

  • Introduction to the element of Ether

  • Tapping in to the limitless potential of the New Paradigm 

  • Discovering the power of your Merkaba 

  • Crystal singing bowl journey to meet your future self 

To close: Celebrating SHE, Closing Ceremony and Integration 

DAY RETREAT IN GLASTONBURY: Book this as an additional experience and build a deeper connection with SHE in the sacred Isle of Avalon. Receiving the codes of this Ancient land (scroll down to find out more!)



  • Sister Sharing Circle

  • Heart opening Cacao Ceremony online (Cacao will be sent to you in the ritual kit)

  • Celebrating all that SHE is 

  • Acknowledging breakthroughs and challenges from the journey

  • Intentions going forward

  • Time for integration 

We will then allow for Integration, and then arrange another 'check in call' and sharing circle.

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Summary of what's included

  • 7 x Online group calls with Amanda & Violet (meeting over zoom every Sun at 7:00pm GMT)

  • 3 x Written or recorded rituals/practices per week for you to do at home

  • Private SHE Facebook Group for sharing insights, support and questions

  • Ritual kit and SHE Journal sent to you in the post 

  • Optional day Retreat in Glastonbury, Avalon - the Heart Chakra of the Earth

The Sacred Isle of Avalon awaits...
Book onto the premium offering and join us for an in person day retreat and ceremony in Glastonbury....the Heart Chakra of Gaia

What will we be doing in Glastonbury?

  • Meeting in Glastonbury at the Chalice Well Garden

  • Walking the land together to leave offerings to the goddess

  • We will practice Element Rituals on the day: Connecting with Air on the Tor, Fire in the Goddess Temple, Water in the Chalice Well, Earth in The Abbey and Ether in the closing ceremony to connect with the spirit of the Lady herself

  • We will book somewhere for us all to have lunch together

  • We will close the day with a Ceremony together​ in our chosen venue (most likely to be the Avalon Temple space)


Please Note: Travel to and from Glastonbury is not included. You need to arrange transport yourself. And if you feel to stay in Glastonbury for a night or two this is also something you will need to arrange. You can find lots of amazing options on Air bnb/Trip Advisor etc.

This journey is for you if...

~ You are hearing and feeling the calling of SHE

~ You are open and ready to receive the messages of SHE and allow the wisdom to flow through you


~ You know magick exists and you want to start experiencing it in your daily life

~ You are ready to make powerful changes to assist in your healing journey

~ You maybe feel that there is unfulfilled potential that wishes to be unleashed

~ You want to experience more pleasure in all aspects of your life

~ You feel it's time to accept yourself and be fully seen in all the beauty that you are

~ You are ready to honour and acknowledge all parts of yourself

~ You are calling in a strong sisterhood of women who have your back

~ You are ready to commit to showing up for yourself and for the other women on this journey

~ You're ready to invest financially and energetically for your personal growth

~ You are ready to walk the path of self liberation and empowerment

~ Due to the course content we are offering this to those who identify as female or who are non binary in womb bearing bodies (this is also suitable for those who no longer have a womb due to surgery etc or no longer menstruate)

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Who are your facilitators?


Violet Skies
Certified Sekhem Reiki Practitioner, Angelic & Crystal Healer and Tarot Reader. 

"I’m Violet Skies and it is my souls purpose to help women awaken to magic and tune into their inner wisdom. To heal and break free from past conditioning, to fully step into their feminine power through the use of different healing modalities, the power of crystals and a range of divination methods. I support women to open up and connect with their intuition so they can lead a divinely guided life."

amanda tracey

Facilitator, Artist, Feminine Guide & certified Sekham Reiki Practitioner

"I'm Amanda and I am a certified Reiki practitioner/Energy healer, Circle facilitator  and Ceremonialist. 
As a student of the ancient feminine mysteries and earth based teachings, I am fully dedicated to being in service to others and supporting women on their own journey to LIBERATION.
Through circle work, 1:1 deep dive sessions, workshops and retreats, my vision is for all women to come back into balance with their bodies and remember their innate connection to nature, to embody their soul purpose and to welcome themselves back home."

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Why are we offering this 6 week journey?

To support you in your journey to reconnect with SHE, your divine essence, the goddess within

To share the codes and insights that we have gained from also being on this awakening journey

To create and hold a safe container of transformation for you and all the sisters in the group

We are offering this journey because we love to witness women stepping up and showing up in their fullness

We are here to celebrate you and the unique gifts that you carry

To create a sacred space together, to heal, connect and embrace the beauty of life

To collectively dream-weave the future visions for those still to come

To welcome us all into balance - within our bodies and our lives

To invite us all fully into this New Paradigm

To invite women to begin investing in themselves more - in all areas of their lives

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Are you ready to say YES to SHE?

Self Investment options:

For the entire online journey PLUS an in person Retreat Day in GLASTONBURY: £777

For the online journey only: £555

(Course valued at over £3500)

Join by application only!

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