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Across the globe there are women who are feeling a deep calling to start walking the path
of meaning and purpose.

It begins with a subtle need for change, which once ignited acts as a gateway to other realms.

Realms of empowerment, enchantment, transformation, adventure, liberation, healing and magick.

Returning to the ancient ways of ceremony and ritual, reconnecting to our inner temple and rooting with the sacred land beneath our feet. 

Are you one of these women...
ho feels the fire of remembrance and reclamation coursing through her flames?

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Amanda & 

Amanda and Violet from Temple of the Feminine Flame, are sacred space holders and Sisters of the Old Ways.


They invite women to drop in and reconnect to the wisdom within their bodies and the earth, through Ceremony and Circle facilitation.


There’s a power in you so great
That it is feared

There’s a power in you so great
That it “needs to be controlled”

There’s a power in you so great
That there’s been attempt to destroy it for thousands of years
It’s been burnt by Fire, drowned in Water, buried in the Earth and thrown to the Winds of time in hope it would never rise

There’s a power in you so great
That it’s even scared you when it’s surfaced and you’ve quickly shoved it back down

What if the world needs your power now?
What if the Earth is crying out for your power?
What if humanity depends on it?

Women, Keepers of the womb, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Witches, Wise ones. Your voice is needed now.
What if there’s a power so great within you that you can change the course of humanity forever.
What if you danced in the fire they thought would burn you!!!

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